Take your web design skills to the next level…fast

Are you already developing web sites but stuck using design constraining templates?
Are you looking to change career and become a web designer?
Are you a business owner wanting to take control of your own web presence?

Whatever you motivation, the WordPress Web Design Course is video led and instructional, designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to develop business ready web sites and start building a lucrative, fee paying client base.

This course has given me the skillset to change the way I earn my living, and the freedom to work my own hours.

Peter Mathews

This is one of the best instructional courses I have ever come across – highly recommended.

Jan Scholar

This course has pushed me beyond my comfort zone and enabled me to finally developer web sites that I am proud of.

John Frazer

Who is your tutor?

The course has been designed and developed by Andrew Turner who has been earning a living from web design for the last 25 years.

Andrew spends much of his time teaching WordPress web design and development in one-to-one sessions. This course contains much of what you would gain from a one-to-one session with Andrew, but at a fraction of the cost and delivered in a way that enables you to learn at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home.


Everyone that enrols during the first month of availability of this course will be entered into a draw to win a full days one-to-one mentor training with Andrew Turner**

** The winner must cover the cost of travel, and accommodation if necessary in order to attend the session in Andrew’s Oxford based offices in the UK

The WordPress Web Design Course is almost here

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The WordPress Web Design Course

A video led, instructional course in web design using WordPress

Module 1.

Domains, Hosting & WordPress Terminology

Covers the essential terminology which you must know and understand in order to work in the industry. The words used may or may not be new to you but this module with give you a deeper understanding of there meaning in relation to what we go on to in subsequent modules.

Module 2.

Hosting, Reseller Accounts & Domain Registration

Learn about hosting sites, reseller accounts and the best way to register and administer domain names for your clients.

Module 3.

WordPress install on the hosting server

Whenever you develop a new site the first thing you are going to have to do is install WordPress on a hosting server.  There are several ways to do this but you will learn the best method that I have found which makes it quick, easy and efficient.

Module 4.

WordPress Dashboard, Themes, Plugins & Widgets

In this module you will learn the essential administrative aspects of WordPress. How to navigate around the admin console / dashboard, learn about things that are sensible to do as part of initial set-up and other things you may have to use as development of the site progresses. Here you will also learn about plugins and widgets.  Not sure what they are? I cover this in module 1, and go deeper as the course progresses.

Module 5.

Basic Site build in 1 hour workshop

This is the longest module on the course, and for some will hopefully be the most fun. This is where the magic happens! In this module you will see how a site is built from scratch, how it develops from a single page, to multiple pages, how the navigation is built, how the look and feel of the site unfolds. You will learn how to get the basic structure and initial design in place, but all in less than 1 hour.

From which you then build the rest of the site according to the client brief. This is likely to take much longer of course but the fundamental requirements of the development are pretty much the same whether it’s a single page or 50 pages.

Module 6.

WordPress Page & Post Edit Toolbar, and the incredibly powerful page builder components

A bit of background knowledge about the integrated WordPress page and text layout tools. Then moving on to learn about the incredible third party page builder components which will take your design and development skills to a new level by giving you new tools that make it really easy for you to make your site look amazing without knowing any code!

Module 7.

Basic HTML Essentials & Indispensable CSS

A short but essential module which outlines the HTML and CSS you will need to know.  Do not worry, there is not much of it, but what you learn in this module will be enough to keep you going for months. Hopefully however, it will get you excited about learning more, in particular learning more about CSS and understanding how it works.

Module 8.

Site launch, XML Sitemap & SEO Fundamentals

You have built your site, it’s ready to go live and you are keen to make it so, if nothing else because you want to be paid!  In this module you will learn everything about the steps required to make a site live and ensure it stands the best chance of being indexed by the search engines.

Module 9.

DNS Configuration, Domain Transfers & SSL certificates

Again a module full of unfamiliar terminology but if you spend the time in module 1 you will know what it all means by the end of it.  In this module we actually use it and make essential changes to DNS, look at how to transfer existing domain names (you will certainly need to do this at some point) and we will also cover SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates which have become really important and which if you are smart you will make a revenue generator for your business. In this module you will learn how!

Module 10.

Ongoing Maintenance & Support

You have built a site for a client, it’s gone live, they love you, now what?  Do not stop there.  The site will need to be maintained, you will need to apply software patches to WordPress and any plugins running on the site and you may even be asked by clients to update text and images, perhaps add new pages later. All of this is a great revenue stream, the more clients you get the bigger the annual revenue. In this module we will covers the type of ongoing maintenance and support you might expect to be doing and I will tell you how I deal with update and change requests and how I charge for it.


Each module contains one or more lessons and creative exercises designed to deepen your knowledge and improve your skills.


The course is completely self-paced and the material always available to you. Start when you want and go as slow (or fast) as you like. No deadlines, no expiry and no pressure. There is no test at the end, you are your own examiner.


Enrol for this course anytime during the first month of availability and be automatically entered in to a draw to win a day’s one-to-one workshop with the course tutor Andrew Turner.**


Much of the content of this course can be downloaded as a PDF for reference.


All alumni enjoy a 20% discount on any follow-up one-on-one workshops with your course tutor, Andrew Turner.

** The winner must cover the cost of travel, and accommodation if necessary in order to attend the session in Andrew’s Oxford based offices in the UK

Have Questions?

Great! I have answers.

Q: Great! How much?

A: Enrolment will open shortly and the cost will be GBP £199.00. However, if you enrol during the first month of availability you can get the course for just GBP £99. Register your email in the section above, and I will let you know as soon as the course is available.

Q: I’m not really very technically savvy, can I still take this course?

A: The course is designed for people with little or even no knowledge of web design or WordPress.  For those that already have an understanding of some of the aspects they might like to skip over some of the content, but for those coming to this without any past experience you will be helped step by step so you easily gain the knowledge you need along the way. By the time you have finished the course you will be well on the way to becoming an accomplished web designer.  The rest will come down to your own design expertise and experience, and the time you put in to developing the skills you learn on this course.

Q: How do I access the course?
A: On your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device, you’ll sign in to the course with login credentials you create when you enrol. The moment you enrol, all course content will be available to you. All videos, creative exercises, and downloads. Boom! Right there for you.

It’s a self-paced course so you go as fast or as slow as you like. Repeat lessons as much as you like. Once you’re in, you’re in. This is an online course, but much of it can be downloaded for offline learning. Going on holiday? It’ll be there when you get back. Can’t start for a month? It’ll be waiting for you.

Q: How do I pay? Are there options? Is it secure?
A: I want to make this as easy as possible as I can for you. I use Stripe to accept payments. Stripe is a globally-trusted payment gateway that gives me access to none of your personal information.

If you need to pay by PayPal I can make that happen for you, just drop me an email using the link at the bottom of this page. I am happy to help.

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?
A: There is. I stand behind what I’ve created for you. If you do the course for 30 days and don’t feel it can help you develop your skills as a web designer, I’ll be happy to give you a refund if you talk to me before the end of this 30 day period. Not sure the course is for you? I welcome you to enrol, test it out, and know that if it’s not for you, all you have to do is tell me within 30 days. My goal is not to sell you one course but to gain your trust and be part of your creative journey for as long as you’ll let me serve you; the only way I can do that is to over-deliver and make sure you don’t get stuck with a resource that doesn’t do what you need it to do.

Q: What’s the small print on the draw for the one-to-one workshop? **

A: There isn’t much. I like to keep things simple. One person enroled in the course during the first month of its availability, will be drawn randomly, and I will announce that winner for all to see in an email. I will then organise a suitable date for the workshop with the winner. You’re in charge of your own travel, accommodation and meals if necessary, but the cost of the workshop is covered.

To make this all legal and tidy, I need to tell you that there is no purchase required and if you want in on the draw you can send me a note with your name, mailing address, and email to WordPress Web Design Workshop, 1 Kings Meadow, Oxford, OX2 0DP. Entries must be received no later than 30 days after the release of the course, and the winner will be required to answer a skill-testing question.

Need Help?

I can answer questions or help you with and aspect of enrolment,

please drop me an email. I am here to help. I can not promise to answer immediately but I will respond within 24 business hours.