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There are plenty of places you can host your sites.  Which you choose will largely depend on how much you are prepared to spend and where you are located.  Ideally settle on one with good support provided in your timezone.

I use two different companies.  Most of my sites are run through a reseller account provided by Heart Internet based in the UK.  With a reseller account I pay a fixed monthly fee and I can host as many sites as I like at no further cost.

The other company I use is Kinsta.  This is a dedicated WordPress hosting company providing a much higher level of service and speed.  This comes at a cost though and is only suitable for clients prepared to pay the additional hosting costs that come with the additional service and speed.


Need Help?

I can answer questions or help you with and aspect of enrolment, please drop me an email. I am here to help.

I cannot promise to answer immediately but I will try to respond within 24 business hours.